About us

Artemia World is the biggest supplier of Artemia cysts (or eggs), semi-product nourishing fodder for fingerling and small fish or shrimp. We are proud of the quality of Artemia World’s production and happy to help our customers achieve the best business results.

Annually, our company collects and processes about 200 tons or raw material. Our biotechnological laboratory inspects each phase of production and processing to make sure only the best quality will be achieved. Artemia World’s highly qualified specialists are graduates of Ghent University (Belgium).

Since 1995, our company has been active on European and Asian markets. Many shrimp breeding farms in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Taiwan, as well as aquarists in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Hungary and other European and Asian countries, are among Artemia World’s customers. According to many of our clients, the main advantage and plus of our production is the optimum price / quality ratio, resulting in the long-term continuous demand. Artemia World has proven itself as a reliable partner. Customers’ success is an inseparable part of Artemia World’s business strategy.

Our regular clients are offered flexible payment conditions and various discount programs. Artemia World is a producer, which means that when you deal with us, no middlemen are involved.

The company's products are various types of feed, feed additives, premixes, dietary supplements (BAA). The range of products of the company is highly demanded in the fields of aquaculture, agriculture, modern medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology. In its production, the company uses products of the processing of biological resources, produced and supplied under the supervision of specialists and experts from CIS countries and Southeast Asia.

Operating and investment activities in Russia and countries of Central Asia are carried out by Ā«Allform Invest LtdĀ», which is a structural unit of the Company.

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